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New companies, ventures and start-ups / Company capital structure change (ex-post and ex-ante) / Fast-paced growth implementation / Preparation for divestment / Turn-around and restructuring activities / M&A silent move/ Family companies willing to keep management role / Current management team capabilities development

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Support for businesses in Brazil

Company diagnostics, independent segment reports, projects evaluation, review of plans and strategies, team education and reinforcement

Special Cases

A project looking for a leadership. Capital without a good project. A shareholder seeking new partners. A company searching new sources of capital. A new management for accelerated growth. A smart big move ahead competitors.

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Industries of transformation, Transports and Railway infrastructure, Automotive, Agri-business, Cement, Mining, Oil and Energy, general logistics Infra-Structure, Water, Renewables and Environment

Special cases demand specific strategies

Diagnostics are frequently necessary when management do not reach convergence. Crisis Management means time acquisition or losses control. Turnaround is the transformation or a much better performance Start-ups represent solid new businesses supported by careful planning,

tabVlae (lat. plural of tabVla) is inspired by fresh new concepts, i.e., "tabVla rasa", a concept spread by the Philosopher John Locke. That means sometimes a blank page is the best start. See the overall market demand of our skills!




Crisis Management





Some market references

participants of joint transformation (touch the arrows below)
Marlon A. Neves - Logistics & Controlling Manager at Mahle (SBC)

During his 5 years at Behr Mr Taboas acomplish a major turn around on results showing solid growth at the same time. Improvements on operational performance were huge but the highlight must go to the restructuring of the organization and bottom line results. October 26, 2006, Marlon A. worked indirectly for Silvio Ricardo at Behr

Marlon A. Neves - Logistics & Controlling Manager at Mahle (SBC) -
Dan Ioschpe - Chairman at Iochpe-Maxion

I worked with Silvio in Sindipeças (Brazilian autopart producers' association) and had a chance to follow his work at Behr and his leadership skills in Sindipeças. October 19, 2006, Dan was with another company when working with Silvio Ricardo at Behr

Dan Ioschpe - Chairman at Iochpe-Maxion -
Denis Rappaport - CFO for South America at Rousselot

Silvio is a strategic thinker , with an excelent business analysis capacity. He is capable of implementing deep changes in a short time period , with a strong view for the safety of the process. He also has a deep knowledge of the modern trends on business administration , specialy on financial management. October 26, 2006, Denis reported to Silvio Ricardo at AMERICA LATINA LOGISTICA

Denis Rappaport - CFO for South America at Rousselot -
Bjørn Solheim - Owner Bjørn Solheim Lawfirm

"Silvio is a person with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong commercial instinct, constantly seeking business opportunities. He has broad experience and a special knowledge about Brasil and South America. His experience covers general management, operational, and financial issues as well as private equity. I highly recommend Silvio, and apreciate his ideas and our discussions".less July 21, 2009, Bjørn studied with Silvio Ricardo at IMD (International Institute for Management Development) - Business Programs

Bjørn Solheim - Owner Bjørn Solheim Lawfirm -
Fernando de Campos - Vice President Automotive Exteriors South America

Silvio is a bright, talented manager and inspirational leader. Extremely professional and result oriented, he was responsible to turn around Behr Brasil during his time as CEO of the company. He led us to a higher level, which endures up to today long after his depart. Many of us own him so much because we became better professionals ourselves. I can testify to his solid track record of results and highly recommend him.less August 16, 2008, Fernando reported to Silvio Ricardo at Behr

Fernando de Campos - Vice President Automotive Exteriors South America -

Infrastructure in Brazil, why this lousy development?
May 12, 2017

Infrastructure in Brazil, why this lousy development?

Infrastructure in Brazil, why this lousy development? New Essential Study About Brazilian Challenges The next analysis that we will publish is a request coming from a large european think thank. We agreed to share the executive summary with other tabVlae customers without disclosing the name of the other part since they are also representing a large global infrastructure group. Main goal of this study is the investigation of the key factors, cultural, economical and scale

September 16, 2015



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Current Investiment: YSATÎ

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